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Standard base material is 22 gauge Galvalume® or Zincalume® steel. These finishes involve coating the base metal in a hot dip process utilizing an alloy of 45% zinc and 55% aluminum as a protective coating.
Panels are also available .032, .040, 050 aluminum with a Kynar 500® or anodized finish and
true zinc, copper.


Metposite panels are formed from Zincalume® or  Galvalume® steel.  Both have a metallic coating applied by a continuous coating process whereby properly cleaned low-carbon, cold-rolled sheet steel is dipped into a molten aluminum-zinc bath. The alloy bath temperature is around 600C, and the coating is solidified very rapidly to obtain a fine-grain microstructure with enhanced corrosion resistance, compared to the pure zinc coating (galvanized coating) or pure aluminum.

The Galvalume®  coating contains 55% aluminum, 43.5% zinc, and 1.5% silicon.

The result is a highly corrosion-resistant sheet steel that delivers the best protective features characteristic of aluminum and zinc: the barrier protection and long life of aluminum plus the sacrificial or galvanic protection of zinc at cut or sheared edges

In addition to forming a physical barrier against corrosion, zinc, applied as a hot-dip galvanized coating catholically protects exposed steel. Zinc has a self-healing mechanism in it. The zinc coating sacrifices itself slowly by galvanic action to protect the base steel. This sacrificial action continues as long as any zinc remains in the immediate area. 
In simple terms the edges will not rust.

The silicon is introduced primarily to assist in the formation of a thin layer of inter-metallic compound between the coating and base metal, providing coatings with good adhesion.

Hot-dip galvanized steel will last very well in most environments. It is not uncommon for galvanized steel to last more than 70 years. Hot-dip galvanized steel has been effectively used for more than 150 years. The value of hot-dip galvanizing stems from the relative corrosion resistance of zinc.

In addition to all the protective quality, it has excellent forming capabilities. Therefore, no damage or compromise of the metal’s strength or corrosion protection occurs during the forming of the panels.



The Kynar 500® (70% PVDF Fluorocarboncoating) paint finish provides a superior low gloss finish with a 20 year warranty.

Kynar 500® is a Fluoropolymer Coating system. The secret of fluoropolymer's remarkable properties lies in its molecular structure; the carbon/fluorine bond (one of the strongest known to man) is the key to the coating's unsurpassed thermal, chemical and ultra violet resistance.
  The final coating for is a factory-applied, oven baked finish based on Kynar 500® resin (Polyvinylidene fluoride). This finish is a dispersion coating based on Kynar 500® resin as formulated by Kynar 500® licensees. This finish is in strict accordance with the formulator's specification and applied by an applicator approved by the formulator. This finish based on Kynar 500® shall meet the performance criteria of AAMA 2605.2 specification, and certified by the formulator as containing KYNAR 500 resin.

Kynar 500 resin-based coatings out perform polyester powder, urethane, silicone polyester and acrylic coatings in every category: better color retention; better gloss retention; better resistance to chalking. Kynar 500® resin-based finishes meet or exceed the physical test performance criteria of the Architectural Spray Coaters Association (ASCA 96) and the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA 2605.2) for high-performance organic coatings on architectural extrusions and panels.


The stiffener is fully adhered to metal using 3M high quality bonding specifically designed to be product compatible with our specific materials.


Metposite panel systems are available in a verity of backing system designed to meet you project's requirement and budget. Please refer to the panel/ stiffener/backing options section on the site.

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