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1. Performance:

Metposite LLC warrants it STD, Metflush and Metflush II panels to be free of manufactures faults and defects for a period of up to 10 years. (Including manufacture’s 20-year paint warranty on painted products. See additional warranty included in this packet) 

2. Proper Use:

This warranty is conditioned upon the proper care and handling of the Metposite panels during delivery and installation.  Metposite LLC will not warrant the product if it has been modified without Metposite LLC expressed written permission or if it has been improperly handled or installed inconsistent with Metposite LLC installation and care instructions.  Materials must be stored in a dry place or completely covered if stored outdoors prior to installation. 

 3. Environment:

This warranty is limited to exposure to normal atmospheric conditions, which term may be limited when exposed to salt, sea air, corrosive or aggressive atmospheres such as those contaminated with chemical fumes or chemical deposits

 4. Maintenance:

There is no special need or requirement for any regulated maintenance of the Metposite panel system.
Periodic rain or hosing down will remove normal dust accumulation.

5. Damage:

This warranty does not apply to any damage caused by:
A. Moisture or other contamination due to improper packaging, handling or installation of the manufactured panels.
B. Standing or ponding water.
C. Acts of God, falling objects, explosion or fire, malicious intent or other circumstances beyond our control.

6. Transferable:

This Manufactures warranty is fully transferable from the original owner/party to a new owner party via additional continued registration. However, the continued warranty will have no effect or change of conditions or benefits of the expressed original warranty. Metposite LLC must be notified in writing with in 30 days of transfer. With out written notification or transfer approval, this warranty is void.

7. Notification:

For this warranty to become effective, the original owner/party must registrar this warranty with Metposite LLC within 30 days of the completion of the installation of the wall panel system.  Additionally, any claims related to this warranty must be claimed in writing within 30 days of the discovery of such alleged coating defect and allow Metposite LLC reasonable opportunity to inspect the product. If in part the defect is in the installation, this warranty is void.

 8. Remedy:

If Metposite LLC determine that its product is defective, Metposite LLC will repair or replace said product at its option.  If repair or replacement is not practical, Metposite LLC may at our option, refund the original purchase price less any pro-rated deduction of the service provided by the product. (Product replacement only, removal and/or instillation will not be covered.) THIS IS THE ONLY REMEDY FOR PRODUCT CLAIMS.

9. Limitation of Liability & Exclusion of Consequential Damages:

Our total liability for all claims of any kind shall not exceed the original purchase price paid.  Metposite LLC shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages, including but not limited to, lost profits, loss of use of the material, property damage or claims of personal injury.


This warranty is not valid until it is registered with Metposite LLC, by returning the completed form below.
There are no other warranties, expressed or implied including any warranty of merchantability or of fitness for a particular purpose, which extends beyond the above description


Metposite your quality alternative flat wall panel system.
If you have questions or need any assistance, please contact us at:

503.981.5900   fax 503.981.5901  info@metposite.com
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