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 Receiving a shipment of Metposite panels

1. Take utmost care in reviewing packaging and shipment for damage in shipment.

Please Read: Claims for freight shortages: All claims for shortages must be noted on the freight bill of lading at the time of delivery.  Any claims for shortages not noted on the bill of lading will be denied.  Contact Metposite within 24 hours of receiving goods for any freight claims or shortages. No claims for shortage or damage will be accepted beyond 24 hours.


2. Open shipment and verify proper color of panels.


3. Measure panels for proper size.


If you have requested a map with your panels, verify panel sizes and compare to map. (Enclosed in this packet)  Map: size and location codes are located on back of panels.


4.  Once you have verified your shipment meets your requirements and is free of factory defect, shipment damage and is of proper size, you can now move to the installation.


Storage of Metposite panels prior to installation


5.   Important - Please Read: Panels must be kept dry and out of direct sunlight until ready to install.  Prolonged exposure to UV rays may compromise backing material.   Failure to adhere to the above criteria could void product warranty
Prolonged exposure to the elements can also cause damage to the panel’s e vinyl protective covering.  We recommend keeping the panels covered with an opaque heavy-duty waterproof tarp. 


Preparing to install Metposite panels

6.   Metposite is shipped with a vinyl protective covering; do not remove covering until product has been installed on building. The only required removal of vinyl is to expose attachment leg of panel system prior to screw installation.

7.   Verify substrate conditions, it is important you install Metposite on a true flat surface, verify substrate meets allowed tolerance for true surface application. In an application with the panels mounted directly over solid substrate, make sure there are no bumps or waves to wall condition. In an application with the panels mounted on zee, cee or hat channels, make sure the zee, cee or hat channels are correctly aligned for proper panel compression, screw attachment and joint sealing conditions. 

Installing Metposite panels

Important: All installers must be pre-approved by Metposite before installing this product.  If you are not an approved Metposite installer, please contact us for information on getting approved. (Contact information located at bottom of this page)


8.  Place a panel in its proper location, level the panel and make sure it has proper reveal on each side.


9.  Install screws into wall or standoffs. (Size and type of screw will vary depending on your project condition requirements.  Please refer to blueprint or specification to verify correct fasteners)


10. After securing the panel, stand back from surface, verify panel is plumb, level, and that edge reveal is correct.


11. Once above inspections have been made you may remove the vinyl protective covering.


Sealing joints

12.  Metposite recommends you have a professional do your panel sealing for you, this is a critical aspect of the complete Metposite system.


A. There are many factors that need considering for this portion of the installation; weather conditions, material type and wall types (example: cmu, brick, wood etc).


B  If you are going to install your joint sealing yourself, refer to the manufacture’s joint sealing installation instructions (Enclosed in this packet).


C.  Note!  Metposite does not warrant joint sealing of your project. This is why we recommend a professional do your joint sealing so that contractor can carry the warranty for you.


13.  For flashing requirements of your project, please refer to the standard details
(available on line at www.metposite.com or by request at 503.981.5900)


Flashing details are only guidelines; your project conditions may require a professional for detail conditions. We recommend you consult a professional sheet metal contractor, architect or engineer before designing flashing to complement your quality Metposite system.

Metposite your quality alternative flat wall panel system.
If you have questions or need any assistance, please contact us at:

503.981.5900   fax 503.981.5901  info@metposite.com
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